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Patrick Smolders
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Heartful & Mindful Retreat

In the beautiful mountains of the High Vosges



Heartful & Mindful Retreat

The 10-day retreat based on mindfulness and selfcompassion.

Taking place from sunday 29 april until wednesday 9 may 2018.

Full board, inbetween the beautiful mountains of the High Vosges. 

Offered to you by Patrick Smolders, mindfulness facilitator at B-Present.nl. 


Our retreat resort in Ban-sur-Meurthe-Clefcy in the High Vosges, France



Patrick Smolders is an experienced Mindfulness and Zen meditation trainer. He guides in a pleasant and involved way. Because of his humor, the lessons are serious and relaxed. I have followed his training with great pleasure and I benefit from it every day.

- Simone van Dijk



Patrick Smolders, mindfulness trainer as well as facilitator at the Heartful & Mindful Retreat