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Terms and conditions

For introduction

The Terms and Conditions apply the offer of Patrick Smolders (hereinafter referred to as: provider), B-Present.nl Authentic Mindfulness. Provider is a certified mindfulness trainer, registered with the VMBN as Category 1 mindfulness trainer.


Provider respects your privacy and the laws and regulations in this respect.

Applicability of the Terms and Conditions

Paying the invoice – if applicable – is stating one has knowledge of and agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
Completing the invoice makes printing and signing the Terms and Conditions unnecessary.


Participation and payment

Participant hereby enters into an agreement for an 8-week MBSR training or another program from the provider’s offer. Participant – except of course any free offer from the provider – pays within 14 days after receipt of the invoice. Payment of the full amount stated on the invoice will be made • either in cash or • on IBAN: NL83INGB0002915510 (Creative Present, Utrecht), please mention the invoice number.

Unforeseen circumstances

If the offer can not take place due to force majeure, the participant will be notified by e-mail. In such an exceptional situation, the supplier will make an equivalent offer that will take place at a later time. The following hard warranty applies: If the participant indicates that the equivalent offer is not feasible for him or her, then full refund of the paid amount will take place within thirty days.


It is the full responsibility of the participant (a) to decide on participation in a program from the offer and (b) to decide on whether or not to provide information about medication use and other confidential matters that might be of interest with regard to the well-being of the participant. In case of doubt about responsible participation, it is advisable to also consult with a general practitioner / psychologist / psychiatrist / medical specialist (just what applies).

Provider can not be held liable for any damage of any kind. Participant gives responsibility for the decision to participate in the relevant offer. Nor can the provider be held liable for damage to or loss of property when the damage or loss is caused by third parties or by participant.

Course room / meditation hall

For brevity in telegram style: In the course room and (at retreat) in the meditation hall applies : No outdoor shoes; no food; drink only from a lockable bottle or at designated places; do not smoke; do not call. Yoga mats, seat cushions and chairs are provided, although it is allowed to bring your own mat, seat cushion or chair. In addition to the above, house rules of the room  or hall owner can be applied and they have priority over the above telegram style list.