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Individual 8-week MBSR Program

The mindfulness group training may be inconvenient or not suitable to you. In that case, an individual mindfulness training could be a solution. 


Individual 8-week MBSR (mindfulness training)

At B-Present one can take part in an authentic eight week MBSR training on an individual basis. That comes down to 8 sessions of 90 minutes each. The program's content being equal to the MBSR group training.


In the Netherlands, many health ensurers reimburse the 8-week MBSR, depending on one's health insurance package. They have four conditions: 

  • The insured has the age of 18 or older;
  • One is suffering from a burn-out; 
  • The 8-week MBSR is given by someone who is registered as a certified Category 1 mindfulness trainer at the professional association VMBN. 
  • The insured has a referral from a general practitioner or company doctor. This referral letter can be sent to the health insurance company together with the invoice.



Reimbursements by Dutch health insurance companies (2018)

Up to € 350,- reimbursement
The Additional package ("Aanvullend pakket") of United Consumers, VGZ, Univé, UMC and IZA reimburses up to a maximum of € 350,-. 
Up to € 250,- reimbursement
Avéro Achmea, Pro Life, Zilveren Kruis and OZF reimburse up to a maximum of € 250,-
• Up to € 150,- and less of reimbursement
FBTO reimburses up to a maximum of € 150,-. Menzis, PMA and FNV Zorg reimburse to caregivers an amount varying from € 100,- to € 150,- (depending on one's health insurance package). And De Amersfoortse reimburses up to a maximum of € 100,-. 

Tip: Always check the policy schedule of your insurance for the exact amount. Despite carefulness while preparing the overview as above, no rights can be derived from it.

Reimbursement by the employer (NL)

Almost every employer has a Prevention budget, an Illness budget, a Sustainable Employability budget or a Personal Development budget. Within larger organizations, the corporate social work can sometimes be called upon. The employer can also be approached via the Health and Safety Service, Company Doctor or Branch Organization.

Reimbursement by UWV

If you receive a benefit from the UWV, you can contact UWV to find out if it is willing to reimburse part of the costs for the 8-week MBSR. It is important to indicate (to motivate) how an MBSR 8-week training can be meaningful to your situation. Examples: Easier finding a job; Keep functioning well in a job.

Reimbursement by the Municipality (NL) for caregivers

Because of health care cutbacks, it has now become a spearhead for many municipalities to support informal caregivers. You can appeal to WMO funds. By the way: In addition to municipalities, some health insurers, too, partly reimburse the MBSR cost to informal caregivers, even without burn-out complaints.

Reimbursement in the context of flowing back into one's job

("Terugstromen in het werk"). De Amersfoortse reimburses in principle € 100,-. But do ask for the conditions. OHRA reimburses an individual 8-week MBSR only on the basis of a diagnosis from a doctor. Menzis reimburses to caregivers in case the hold an additional insurance package.

Despite carefulness while preparing the overview as above, no rights can be derived from it, and one is advised to always check with the relevant authority regarding possible reimbursements. Using the webform, one can sign up for an individuale 8-week mindfulness training (MBSR) or for a free advisory interview. The button below takes you there. Another option is calling (00)31 - (0)30 - 275 07 05 and leaving a short message after the beep. You'll be called back within 48 hours.